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**Artisan Perfumes


Our Specialty Perfume is the perfect choice for any fragrance lover! This purchase includes a limited selection of unique Super Tarts blends in 60ml crystal clear bottles with fine mist spray pumps.


-Blossom: Lavender, chamomile, spun sugar and rock candy

-Lather (Negan)- Shaving cream, ozone, clean beach, citrus, moss, tonka and blood orange

-Chiffon Apple (Dumbledore)- Apple slices, Pink Chiffon and Blue Cotton Candy

-White Pumpkin & Fern (Rocky horror): White Pumpkin, Sea Salt, Teakwood, Fern, Lilac and agave.

-Sleep like a baby (Rosemary's baby): Bedtime Bath, Rosemary, Fresh Mint and Herbal Lavender

-Haven (Grey havens)- Beach florals, ocean air, melon, lemon, lime and freshly cut grass

-Midnight (Thanos): Midnight lavender and whipped cream

-Always-Spa Greens and soothing lavender

-Jaws- Sea salt, fresh air, seagrass, sliced plum and sweet pear

-Sand dollor cookies- Citrus, sweet florals, vanilla musk, spun sugar and sugar cookies

-Go to sleep: Lavender, Sweet Cream and Pink Sugar

-Son of a Birch- Palo Santo, Pink Sugar, White Birch

-Sparkle (Emma Frost)- Ginger ale, vanilla bean, sufar crystals

-October Glory(Coraline): Lavender, Maple Candy

-September Dr. (Cujo): Warm vanilla sugar, brown sugar, fig and blackberry jam





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