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In 2013 Brandy Williams started this company in her kitchen as a stay at home mom. Our goal has always been to provide an exceptional home fragrance option without all the additional additives. A collage of whimsy and restraint, an ode to classic and a nod to experimentation, a mixture of the familiar with the exotic. Our fragrances are so much more than just a scent. 

They are your memories

They are your dreams

They are your messages

They are your signature

We hand pour everything in small batches to guarantee a remarkable product every time. All of our oils are phthalate free and vegan friendly. 

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My Why

My Why

There are moments in your life that define you. Exact moments, experiences, feelings or situations that you can recall as your "ah ha" moments. I have a few of them that I can and HAVE talked about to anyone that will listen. They have impacted me so deeply that they have changed the way I react to situations and how I have lived my life. In this blog I am talking about just one. The one moment that I hopped in the drivers seat of my own life. The beginning of my entrepreneurial path and the beginning of my refusal to be defeated.

*I love Jesus but I cuss a little

March 06, 2020 — Brandy Williams
Arrogance or Ownership

Arrogance or Ownership

Im stuck in a room for 3 days by MYSELF on a solo retreat. I have lots of thoughts and one of those were "Hey lets put those in writing".... and "Put them on my website"....and "Email them to my entire customer base..."

Sometimes you have good ideas and sometimes...well time will tell I suppose. 

Being a business owner is HARD! But also so so rewarding. In this blog post I talk about my rebranding, respect and all of the self-lit dumpster fires I have had to put out over the years. 

February 08, 2020 — Brandy Williams

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