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Arrogance or Ownership

I'm just going to say this right out of the gate.. I do not know everything about business. I would even say I don't know a lot. Like moderate... At best and learning daily. I would say that I have learned from trials and errors and errors and errors. I am basically a walking dumpster fire that I keep managing to put out. lol For real. Sometimes when you are a business owner, you don't get a say. Oh yes, I said it. You are actually NOT the one who is in control. People would like to THINK they are...but they are not. Definitely not. No way. It's almost laughable....

If you're smart.

Oh, Who is you ask? You know who is. I don't even have to say it...but I will! The customers! Those people that come in and buy your product, book your class, buy your sticky nails, buy your ebook. Those people that you moan and groan about on Sundays when they forget you are also on your Sunday. THEM. They are the ones in control. Do you want to succeed? Respect them. Remember they are actual people that work their asses off and are willing to just GIVE you their money. Their money. Not your money. Theirs. 

I have seen so many people start a business and they have absolutely no business doing so. If you want to succeed, you need to understand where your success will come from and humble yourself. You need to educate yourself in your industry. You need to be willing to accept the fact that you don't know everything and WILL need help at one point or another. YOU WILL MAKE MISTAKES. Andddd it's ok!! We learn from failing. If you want to succeed at anything in life, you will learn and rise up and do BETTER. 

Over the last few years I have personally watched business owners crash and burn. All because they were arrogant and unorganized. I believe there is a HUGE difference between being arrogant and being confident. I applaud confidence! Go girl! You work it! You know you are doing great, I agree! Arrogance is when you know you are doing great BUT you believe nobody else is doing great. You are the greatest. The best. The most glorious thing that ever walked the face of this wax community(or whatever industry you are in). Flawless. Ha! Please just sit down. The moment that we forget we are human is the moment someone will remind you that you are. And its usually not in the gentlest way. I'm actually laughing out loud.


There have been NUMEROUS occasions that I have totally sucked. *Insert Gasp* I have made harsh judgment calls, I have stuck to "My policy" too strictly, I have acted out of emotion, I have not thoroughly done my OWN research. I have blamed my team/partner/husband/stranger walking down the damn street for their mistakes but it has and will always come right back to me. Picture me pointing in my own face right now. lol This is what I signed up for when I put MY name next to Super Tarts. This brand is ME and all of its dirty little mistakes that I have made. OWN YOUR SHIT. Own it. Recognize it. Learn from it. Move on from it.

I think that my absolute biggest mistake was not seeing feedback as a great thing. I would take it personally and it would sting. Now don't get me wrong, there have been some MAJORLY inappropriate accusations made towards and about me that are so freaking wrong, but your customers will tell you exactly what they want. Listen to your customers! Learn to love the feedback! Feedback is a nice way of saying "THEY ABSOLUTELY HATE IT AND YOUR FACE!" lmao...find out why. Ask your customers. Don't be arrogant and think you know it all. JUST ASK. I've actually had a customer tell me she hated the way I looked into the camera on my live videos.... "You mean, with my face?" lmao Cant change that but THANK YOU for your feedback! Hahaha

I'm currently going through a rebranding. My business was built on fan fiction, characters, superheroes, indie themes... All very much ILLEGAL for me to use. When I first started this brand, I was absolutely certain that "Inspired by" products were A-OK!.... Man, was I an idiot. They are 110% NOT ok. They are stealing someone's intellectual property. The longer that I have been in business, the more I have learned. Mostly from my customers honestly. I have a pretty large customer base and some of them are attorneys! They have sent me links and information and completely helped me realize how vulnerable my entire livelihood is. Not just my business but MY home, my everything. I am personally held accountable and it would ruin us if just one of those big-name companies came after us.

They would win. We would lose. It would just take one.

There is no room for growth with that looming over your head. It's hard to sleep at night knowing that you are not living your moral truth. You can no longer play the "Ignorance is bliss" card. Because you aren't ignorant. You know. I know. I am absolutely depending on my customer base to guide me right now. I am constantly watching and while there are a few that are pissed about the rebranding, we have had an overall GREAT response. I'm so so thankful for everyone's feedback. I am still trying to figure out the direction of this company but I have faith that God will guide my footsteps and that YOU will help me move along to where we want to be. I see great things for ST but it will take time. I'm in no hurry. Thank you for being patient while we make these amazing new changes! 


I would like to say that I am NO blogger. I do not write and I am not eloquent. lol This is very unedited and I will probably keep it this way. Anne would tell me that I have FAR TOO MANY PERIODS and way too many run-on sentences. Meh. I know my truth. Hahaha I make banging good scented wax and write subpar wanna be blog/rants all with a smile on my face. Ill hop off my soapbox now.

February 08, 2020 — Brandy Williams





Melissa Cook

Melissa Cook said:

Thank you for being candid with us. I think change is hard for many. But, rebranding is necessary to keep your amazing waxes arriving at our door steps. Please keep being and doing you.

Cynthia Seegmiller

Cynthia Seegmiller said:

You are an amazing person. Dont let anyone pull you down. I enjoy all the the products I have bought from you and will continue to because you are one sassy classy ball of wax keep being you and know we support you no matter how hard it gets. You go girl.

Margaret Roddy

Margaret Roddy said:

I couldn’t agree more Brandy!
Personally I love the new look & I understood immediately the need for the change! I love your product & I have enormous respect for how you do what you do! Keep on rolling with the punches & providing us with your Super-Wax!

Shelly Perkins

Shelly Perkins said:

Putting yourself out there is rough. I applaud you for being candid. Celebrate your success and learn from your mistakes. We should all live by this. May you continue to grow and thrive.

Alisa Balser

Alisa Balser said:


Let me first say, you are awesome! You are genuine, humble, caring, understanding, and oh so amazingly talented!!
I discovered your products when a friend posted her Fright Night haul on Facebook. I was definitely drawn in by the titles, theme, embeds, etc. I loved what I was seeing. But that’s just it. I was seeing. Not smelling. It did lead me to place an order and join the FB group.
When you revealed the changes you were making, I was concerned for you and even commented that I didn’t want to see you lose what made you unique. I still feel that way, to an extent, because I think selling a scented item online must be somewhat difficult. BUT! I think your rebranding is fabulous!!! Your descriptions of the notes in each wax makes it easy to choose the things I love. Your personality and talent are still apparent in each clam and bam!!! I’m sure people will grumble and complain about the changes, but this is scented wax and we buy it to make our homes smell amazing. Once it’s melted all that other stuff is irrelevant. As long as you can continue to draw people in to becoming part of your amazing customer base (and I think you will) the changes you needed to make are just part of your company’s history.
I recently took my daughter on a weekend trip and once I got there I really regretted not bringing a warmer and some wax. I missed it. And I hated smelling plain air. That’s because of you and your amazing nose! You have made coming home to my messy house something I enjoy. Many nights I just come in from work and sit in the light of my warmers and enjoy how good my home smells, even with 2 dogs, 2 cats and a very messy tween. That is all YOU! And I’m so glad I found you! Thank you so much, Brandy!
Keep on staring at that camera, and over punctuating!
PS I literally tossed all my non ST wax in the trash when I got my WW order. I knew I would never melt that stuff again and it was taking up space for more ST.
Keep on keeping on!!!

Kelly Grimmett

Kelly Grimmett said:

You are a fantastic business owner and I love your fb lives.
Please keep doing You!

Elizabeth Reyes

Elizabeth Reyes said:

I can’t comment on any post of this on FB because I’m banned from commenting on FB for 3 days because of THEIR arrogance lol.
But – I just came to say that I appreciate the time you spent writing this. Personally, I love the rebrand that’s happening, mostly because of how the new labels are so aesthetically pleasing.
I also want to say that I love how you own your shit and listen to your people. That’s really all in looking for in a vendor and you nailed it.

Kayla Emig

Kayla Emig said:

Just wanted to say I read your blog this morning and did not know some of the struggles you are facing with. I didn’t realize that you couldn’t do certain things. What does that mean for all of the scents you have now? Does that mean you’ll have to rename everything?

Mary Ann Mensching

Mary Ann Mensching said:

Thank you for your honesty here. No business is successful without hurdles.
While I know I and others will miss the branded wax, doing what is necessary to stay in business is the most important thing. The wax still smells fantastic and no one can deny that!

Lisa L Cuculic

Lisa L Cuculic said:


You are a Class Act. You have succeeded with all your hard work and it shows in your product and also in your personality. I truly feel like you are one of a kind. You value our opinions, you care about us this customers and you go above and beyond to try and please most of us. I just want to thank you for being you. I love your product, your outlook and positive attitude. I love how you keep in contact with your customers and are always so very open and honest.

You make me smile when I watch your videos. I feel like you’re doing everything right. Keep doing what you’re doing. 💖

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