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XMelts Clamshells


❤️Wolverines Woman: House berry blend, sour cream spice cake and a hint of rosé cream
❤️Sweet Sabertooth: cotton candy, sweet Lolli, rock candy and pink sugar
❤️Storm: ocean rain and peppermint
❤️Beast: Blueberry and cornbread.
❤️Genosha: pineapple, creamsicle and rock candy
❤️Phoenix: Pineapple, whipped cream and toasted marshmallows.
❤️Emma Frost: Sparkling ginger, VBN and sugar crystals
❤️Magneto: Lavender, Strawberry jam, Vanilla Buttercream
❤️Sentinel: Herbal Lavender, Blackberry Preserves, Marshmallow
❤️Gambit: Raspberry & SoWhite dupe (orange, apple, rose and neroli)
❤️Rogue: Pink Sugar and Coconut Cream Pie
❤️Mystique: Pink Sugar and shaving cream