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Wonka Wax Clamshells


Wonka Wax:
🍫Fizzy Lifting Drink: Fizzy pop Lemon Curd
🍫Mmmm Tomato Soup!: Blueberry pie, whipped cream, bubblegum and violets.
🍫Augustus: Chocolate orchid milk, frosted sugar cookies and orange marmalade
🍫Wonkavator: Herbal lavender(Twilight dupe), cotton candy frosting and white clouds
🍫Snozberries: Eucalyptus sprigs and Blackberry
🍫Candy man can: Sweet Lolli, Peach slices, candy corn & pink sugar
🍫World of imagination: serendipity, vanilla pound cake, velvet sugar, and vanilla bean Noel
(Serendipity is a creamy blend of coconut, vanilla bean, orange peel and a very slight creamy black cherry)
🍫Wonkavision: Giant chocolate bar, sugar milk and vanilla sugar waffle cone.
🍫Wonka: Chocolate, amber, marshmallow cream, spun sugar, slight caramel drizzle and vanilla confection.
🍫I want it Nowwww!: Salty sea air, golden sands(Yankee dupe) and hard candies
🍫Everlasting Gobstopper: BlackBerry, Rock Candy and Vanilla bean ice cream
🍫Doopity Doo: Mac apple, fresh pumpkin and iced strawberry cake