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Wizards Wax Clamshells


Wizards Wax:
♥ Gryffindor: Frosted Lemon Meringue Cheesecake with Raspberry Glaze
♥ Hufflepuff: Sweet Bananas, buttery pie crust and sweet cream blended together to make this delicious Banana Cream Pie
♥ Ravenclaw: Blue Raspberry and Lavender
♥ Slytherin: Honeydew Melon, Blackberry and White Tea
♥ Butterbeer: Sweet Butterscotch topped with a dollop of sweet cream
♥ Hermione: Magically Delicious and Strawberry filled cannoli
♥ Snape: Magically Delicious, warm sugar cookies dusted with sweet cinnamon sugar
♥ Luna: Lemon Curd, French Vanilla and Twilight (herbal lavender Lush dupe)
♥ Harry: Magically Delicious and French Baguette
♥ Ron: Magically Delicious and creamy orange sherbet
♥ Ginny: Smokey Poppy (Body Shop Type) and Celebrate (Lush Type)
♥ Tonks: Magically Delicious, Raspberry and Pink Sugar
♥ Dumbledore: Apple slices, Pink Chiffon and Blue Cotton Candy
♥ Voldemort: The omen blended with cactus & sea salt
♥ Bellatrix: Pink Sugar and Trix cereal type
♥ Minerva: Pink Sugar and laundry
♥ Fred & George: Funnel cake, bubble gum and Orange julius
♥ Neville: Fresh herbs, grapefruit and marshmallow fluff
♥ Draco: A smoldering house blend of Dr Doom (creamy patchouli, vanilla and black pepper), lavender Bedtime Bath and clementine peels
♥ Cedric: House scent Huffelpuff (sweet bananas, buttery crust and sweet cream), blended with Almond macaroons and kettle corn
♥ Hagrid: Shaving cream and Tinsel (Tinsel is mixed berries, vanilla peppermint and pomegranate)
♥ Hedwig: Chai tea, creamy cheese cake and clove
♥ Sirius: Blackberry, sandalwood and a hint of black pepper
♥ Remus: Mahogany Teakwood, cardamom, apple and rum cake
♥ Always: This is a Secret Severus Snape tribute blend. Predominately spa green with a touch of soothing lavender underlying to finish it off
♥ Harry’s Holiday: Combining our much loved house blend "Harry" (Magically Delicious and French baguette) and Blue Sugar crystals
♥ Umbridge: Tea & Cakes, Sugar dusted roses and cotton candy.
♥Dobby: Linen sock, ocean mist and dune grass
♥Lily: Passionfruit Nectarine (Passionfruit, Juicy Nectarine and bottom notes of Lemon Zest, Mango, Sweet apple, and Plumeria), Always (Predominately spa green with a touch of soothing lavender underlying to finish it off) & Slytherin (Honeydew Melon, Blackberry and White Tea)
♥Moody:Black cedarwood, rain and juniper berries
♥Soul Suckers: Death & Decay(Inspired by Lush's scent) and strawberry slices
♥Happee Birthdae Harry:
A blend of Hagrid & Happy Birthday

NEW💥Dark Wizard: Dark boysenberry jam, watermelon, and mango puree.
NEW 💥Beast Whisperer: Teakwood, sandalwood, lemon curd and blue sugar
NEW 💥Never Forget: Warm french baguette, buttercream cupcakes and whipped mallow cotton candy.
NEW 💥The Antagonist: Patchouli, clean cotton, vanilla bean and a lime twist
NEW 💥Queenie: Half blood orange, rose milk, pink peonies, lemon cream and vanilla pound cake.

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