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Tart Wars Collection


The Force: Caramel Macchiato, Orange Juice Cake and Gooey Marshmallows
Luke & Leia: Mixed Berries, Vanilla Bean Buttercream and Birthday Cake
Wise Councilor (formerly known as “Yoda”): Honeydew, cantaloupe, sugar dusted funnel cake and sweet whipped cream
C3PO: Honeyed Toffee chunks (HIWTK dupe) and buttery brown sugar cookies
Darth Maul: Fresh picked Strawberries, Tea & Cakes and Pie crust
Darth: The Omen blended with Rosemary Mint
Boba: Blending pumpkin marshmallows and our house blend Doom
My Lady: Light citrus, jasmine with a heavy musk, blackberry and honey
Chewy: Strawberry, Biolage and fruit loops
Solo: Pheromones, tangerine and sandalwood
Binks: Serendipity, Vanilla custard, sweet whipped cream and caramelized figs

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