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Super Shots



Colors may vary

💥Miracle on 34th: Fresh fallen leaves and creamy pumpkin pie topped with toasted marshmallows
💥Kranky Kitty: Iced Lemonade, Sweet Lollipops and Green Grass
💥Data: Lavender Cream, Pear Slices and Sugar Cookies
💥Captain-General: Espresso Ice cream, Sea Salt Caramel and Vanilla Bourbon
💥Bebop & Rocksteady: Sugar Taffy, Blackberry and Pineapple
💥Mouse Ears: Sweet Lollipops, Iced Lemonades...and funny ears!
💥Rogue: Pink Sugar and Coconut Cream Pie
💥One Tree Hill: Fresh Mint Leaf & Rain Drops
💥The Middle: Gain, strawberry and fruity pebbles.
💥P.N.W.: Rain drops, Sweater Weather, Birch Beachwood and Washington Apples
💥Nova Prime: Bakery Shop, sweet lemon meringue and blackberry cream
💥Lady Rainicorn: Rainbow Sherbet and Fruit Punch
💥Phin: 50/50 Bar, Blueberry Cheesecake and vanilla bean sugar cookies
💥Batman!: Frosted Blueberry cheesecake garnished with lemon peel curls
💥Fake n Bake: Warm and fuzzies house bakery scent. Now you can fake it to make it when guests are coming over! Or should I say "Fake it to BAKE it!"? Blending Zucchini bread, our signature Sugar Cookie and our sweet cream fragrance.
💥Posers Spa: This blend is the perfect blend to turn any home into the Spa atmosphere we all need sometimes! Combining our sweet Cucumber Mint, Seaside and Spearmint
💥Lucky Lemons: Lemon Curd mixed with our Lucky Charms HB "Magically Delicious"
💥Passionfruit Nectarine: Our special blend of Passionfruit, Juicy Nectarine and bottom notes of Lemon Zest, Mango, Sweet apple, and Plumeria
💥Gandalf: Magically Delicious, Coffee Beans and sweet cream
💥Gryffindor: Frosted Lemon Meringue Cheesecake with Raspberry Glaze
💥Negan: Shaving cream, stainless steel barbed wire(masculine) and blood orange
💥Abraham: Crackerjacks and glazed peach cookies
💥Felicity: Coffee, cake batter and cornbread
💥Grudge: Blueberry muffins, Vanilla bean pod, sandalwood and fall leaves
💥Birds: Harvest Ale, sweet pumpkin donuts, and brown sugar buttercream
💥Elm Street: Pumpkin Crème Brulee, Toasted Marshmallow and Sweet Cornbread
💥Babadook: Cola, pumpkin ice cream, and frosted cupcakes
💥Mini Bows: Iced Lemonade, Sweet Lollipops, & Strawberry
💥Orange You Feisty: Orange, Lime and Lemon with Birthday Cake
💥Richard - Bourbon neat, grahams, caramel meringue, raisins
💥Logan - Black Tie, Amber Romance, clove, driftwood
💥Sookie - Gingerbread, buttery cake bites, applesauce buttercream
💥Luke - Buttermilk pancakes, donuts, maple glazed bacon
💥Lorelai - Coffee, midnight ice cream, cinnamon donuts
💥Stranger Things: Vanilla WAFFLE cone, Nilla wafers, UPSIDE DOWN cherry cake and cola
💥iZombie: Twisted peppermint and white clouds(subtle smooth laundry scent)
💥Winchester Inc.: Black Raspberry Pie and Salted watermelon taffy
💥Handmaid: Baby wash, orange slices and lavender milk(herbal)
💥The Wardrobe: Lavender, Laundry, Rain drops, Kumquats and Orange zest.
💥Mr. Fox: Blood Orange, Fizzy cherry pop, plums and lemon sugar
💥Mr. Tumnus: Pink sugar, spearmint and vanilla bean Noel
💥Peter: Fresh cut grass, watermelon, rock candy, mac apple, shaving cream and sea salt. A blend of Sams Shire and Briarcliff
💥Lucy: Mac apple and Magically Delicious
💥Susan: Chocolate Orchid, Fireside, cotton candy frosting and mallow fluff
💥Jessica Jones- Blackberry Rain
💥Office: Vanilla Bean Noel, Sugar Cookies, and World’s Best Boss Coffee
💥The Hills: Beachwood, SoCal Hollister, Rain and Vanilla Sandalwood
💥Hermione: Magically Delicious and Strawberry filled cannoli
💥Dumbledore: Apple slices, Pink Chiffon and Blue Cotton Candy
💥Dobby: Linen sock, ocean mist and dune grass
💥Full House: Cookie Jar, Sweet Cream, Cotton Candy and Marshmallows
💥Hotel Cortez: Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Tres Leche Cake & Cinnamon Donuts
💥Gollum: The Omen blended with sweet blackberries
💥Deadpool: Fresh picked Strawberries and Satsuma                                        💥Dexter: Fresh Picked Strawberries, Sweet Pineapple and Tangerine slices    💥Outlander: Green tweed, blue lagoon water, fresh ozone greens and peppermint                                                                                                            💥Harley Quinn: Pink Sugar and Blackberry Jam and Vanilla Sugar Waffle Cone💥Harry’s Holiday: Combining our much loved house blend "Harry" (Magically Delicious and French baguette) and Blue Sugar crystals                                      💥How I Met Your Mother: Watermelon, Sweet White Wine and Pomegranate    💥Jelly Jammin Dinner Rolls: This blend is absolutely amazing! Smells like you just pulled fresh bread out of your oven and slathered Orange marmalade and strawberry jam.                                                                                                      💥Minerva: Pink Sugar and laundry                                                                     💥Modern Family: Cucumber Mint, Apple Slices and Lemon wedges                   💥Neville: Fresh herbs, grapefruit and marshmallow fluff


 💥Texas Chainsaw: Caramel dipped apples, warm hot maple toddy's and just a touch of French baguette

💥Hocus Pocus: Candy Corn, Fluffy Cotton Candy and Butterbrickle

💥The Mist: Ocean water, Storms Rain and Rosemary Mint

💥Day of the Dead: Pecan Pie, Crème Brulee and Vanilla Sugar Waffle Cone

💥Sixth Sense: Fresh Brewed Coffee, Sea Salt Caramels and Almond Butter Cookies

💥Jackal: Blackberry preserves, zucchini bread and toasted mallow

💥Addams Family: Salted Caramel, Buttery Pie Crust and Pumpkin Cupcakes

💥Insidious: Driftwood, cotton candy and vetiver (A sweet woodsy clean scent. Love!)

💥Rosemary's Baby: Bedtime Bath, Rosemary Mint and Herbal Lavender

💥Blair Witch: Fall Leaves, Lemon, Marshmallow Cream and a hint of salted caramel.

💥Misery: Pie Crust & Leave

💥Predator: Cappuccino & Coconut Cream Pie

💥Casper: Toasted Marshmallows, Vanilla Bean Noel, Cornbread and Mexican Fried Ice Cream

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