Shower Gels


4oz Bottle

Finnick: Sugar cubes and ocean waves
Deadpool: Fresh picked Strawberries and Satsuma
Loki's Tricks: Lemon Ice Box Pie, Trix and Frosted Rose Jam
Mango Pink Champagne: Vanilla champagne, raspberry, cranberry and mango
Snow- Spearmint and Mac Apple
Middle-earth: Lush Dirt dupe, Rosemary and Fresh Mint Leaf
Jingle Way - Tinsel, Satsuma and cotton candy
Holiday Inn - Sugared plums, sweet berry jam and Vanilla Bean Noel
Jack Frost - Herbal Lavender, Fresh Mint Leaf & Lemon Curd
Magically Delicious - Lucky Charms Cereal is a super sweet marshmallow AMAZING treat!
White Walkers - Spearmint, Peppermint, Fresh Mint Leaf and VBN
Luna - Lemon Curd, French Vanilla and Twilight (herbal lavender Lush dupe)
Fred & George - Funnel cake, bubble gum and Orange julius
Candy Bag: Combining all things sweet and yummy! Including cotton candy frosting, sweet tarts, watermelon Jolly rancher's in so much more!!
Immortal Child: Sweet lavender cream, pink sugar, fresh strawberries, creamy yellow cake and sweet butter cream.
The Omen: Ocean breezes, Vanilla Bean Noel and red delicious apple
The Mist: Ocean water, storms rain and Rosemary mint
Rocky Horror: White Pumpkin, Sea Salt, Teakwood, & Fern, Lilac, and Agave
Day of the Dead: Pecan pie, crème brûlée and vanilla sugar Waffle cone
Gremlins: Lime smoothie, rock candy and fruit punch
Raphael: Fresh picked strawberries and watermelon jolly ranchers
Blair Witch: Fall leaves, lemon, marshmallow cream and a hint of salted caramel
Doc: Buttercream, toffee crunch, raspberry, marshmallow fluff and almond marzipan
Lily: Passionfruit Nectarine, Always & Slytherin
Mary Jane Watson: Pink Sugar and LoveSpell (VS Dupe)
Curiosity Often Leads To Trouble: Lemon Eclair, Sweet Amber and White Nectarine
Amityville: Lavender, Strawberry Passion and Red Mac Apple
Cold Ones: Straight up menthol. No messing around with this one!
Great White: Crisp White Tea & Jaws
My Pretty: Rose jam glazed strawberries, mac apple whipped cream and fluffy cake bites
Pizza Time: Basil, raspberry and tomato leaf
Curiosities: Raspberry Zinger, Island Nectar and Green Apple Cake Pops
Blossom: Lavender, chamomile, cotton candy and rock candy
Angel: Peppermint sticks and sweet melon
Proton Pack: Fresh blueberries, sweet whipped cream and warm pie crust
Lost Boys: Pomegranate, fresh apple cider and toasted marshmallows
Robin: Fresh picked strawberries and fresh cut grass
Saw: Sweet cranberry preserves, buttery piecrust and smooth vanilla cream
Pepper Potts: Pink sugar, apricots and honey
De Vil: Biolage & 25:43 dupe
2 Chips: Iced Lemonade, Sweet Lollipops, & Fresh Mint
Notting Hill: Blueberry Muffin, Apple Cider and Funnel Cake
Iron Islands: Dune grass, sea salt and teakwood
Wedding Singer: Cactus & Sea Salt, Mandarin Oranges, Lemon Eclair and Mimosas
PMS: Better than sex cake, sweet whipped cream and hot cocoa
Dream girl: Sugar dusted mandarin oranges and cotton candy mimosas
Remus: Mahogany Teakwood, cardamom, apple and rum cake
Hufflepuff: Sweet Bananas, buttery pie crust and sweet cream blended together to make this delicious Banana Cream Pie
Gryffindor: Frosted Lemon Meringue Cheesecake with Raspberry Glaze
Ravenclaw: Blue Raspberry and Lavender
Sirius: Blackberry, sandalwood and a hint of black pepper
Luna: Lemon Curd, French Vanilla and Twilight (herbal lavender Lush dupe)
Slytherin: Honeydew Melon, Blackberry and White Tea
Beast: One of our most popular scents. Combining our Beast Blueberry and cornbread. Yum!
Baby Groot: Driftwood, cucumber melon and herbal lavender
Modok: Creamy peach and Blackberry sorbet stacked on top of a Vanilla sugar waffle cone
The Collector: Blue Sugar and sweet peppermint cream
Marksman: Shaving cream, sweet peach slices and juicy watermelon

Outlander: Green tweed, blue lagoon water, fresh ozone greens and peppermint

Susan: Chocolate Orchid, Fireside, cotton candy frosting and mallow fluff 

Jessica Jones: Rain + Blackberry

PNW:  Rain drops, Sweater Weather, Birch Beachwood and Washington Apples

Immortal Child: A amazing blend of two of our most popular House blend. Go to sleep and happy birthday. Sweet lavender cream, pink sugar, fresh strawberries, creamy yellow cake and sweet butter cream

13 Reasons: Gardenia, sweet lavender, coconut, tonka berry, teakwood and a hint of fresh apple

Winchester Inc.: Black Raspberry Pie and Salted watermelon taffy

Hotel Cortez: Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Tres Leche Cake & Cinnamon Donuts

X-files- Sour Patch Kids and Blue Raspberry Jolly Ranchers
Rosemary's Baby- Bedtime Bath, Rosemary Mint and Herbal Lavender 
Mr. Fox-Blood Orange, Fizzy cherry pop, plums and lemon sugar 
Mystique- Pink Sugar and shaving cream
Alien- Apple Cider and Vanilla Bean Donuts


Shower Gel: Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Cocamide MEA, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Methylparaben, Methylchloroisothiazolinone,Methylisothiazolinone, Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride

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