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Snow: Spearmint and Mac Apple
Middle Earth: Rosemary, fresh mint and dirt
Loki's Tricks: Lemon ice box pie, Trix cereal and frosted rose jam
Finnick: Sugar cubes and ocean waves
Sleepy Beauty: Lavender Cream, Rose Jam and Birthday Cake
Mango Pink Champagne: Vanilla champagne, raspberry, cranberry and mango
Solo - Pheromones, tangerine and sandalwood
Violet - Peppermint, Cotton Candy & Blackberry
Coven - Cola, Cake Batter, VBN & Zucchini Bread
Chewy - Strawberry, Biolage dupe, Fruity Loops
Go To Sleep - Pink Sugar and Sweet Lavender Cream
Hook - Sea salt, leather and sexy man. RAWR
King Crow - Snowy peppermint and fierce cologne
Katniss - Eucalyptus and lemon curd
Amityville - Lavender, strawberry passion and red Mac Apple
Curiosity Often Leads To Trouble: Lemon eclair, sweet amber and white nectarine
Lily: Passionfruit Nectarine, Always & Slytherin
Great White: Crisp white tea and Jaws
Doc: Buttercream, toffee crunch, raspberry, marshmallow fluff and almond marzipan
Percy: Rain & Lemon Curd
C3PO: Honeyed toffee chunks and buttery brown sugar cookies.
Iron Islands: Dune grass, sea salt and teakwood
Isildur's Heir: Frankincense, Myrrh, green tweed and camu camu
Gale: Campfire, fierce cologne with a sweet undertone
Wedding Singer: Cactus & Sea Salt, Mandarin Oranges, Lemon Eclair and Mimosas
Hades - Blue sugar and fireside
Emma Frost - Sparkling Gingerale, Vanilla Bean Noel and sugar crystals
Charming - Pink grapefruit sugar cookies
Immortal Child - A amazing blend of two of our most popular House blend. Go to sleep and happy birthday. Sweet lavender cream, pink sugar, fresh strawberries, creamy yellow cake and sweet butter cream
Sentinel - Herbal lavender, blackberry preserves and marshmallow
Gambit - Raspberry, orange, apple, rose and neroli blossom
Hart of Dixie: Pink Peonies, Vanilla bean buttercream and Pink Sugar 
Belle: Beauty and the Beast (Magically Delicious/Blackberry) combined with Tea & Cakes
It wasn’t just a dream: Pink sugar, lavender cream and peppermint (Go to Sleep blend)
Marksman: Shaving Cream, Sweet Peach Slices and Juicy Watermelon
Ravenclaw: Blue Raspberry and Lavender
Charming: Pink Grapefruit Sugar Cookies
Luna: Lemon Curd, French Vanilla and Twilight (herbal lavender Lush dupe)
Laveau: Lavender Cream & Raw sugar crystal buttercream
Bazinga; Grape Soda, Rainbow Sherbet & Bubblegum
Aria: Lotus blossoms, Pink Chiffon, Sea Salt and Blackberry
No Ordinary Girl: Coconut Cream, Vanilla Oak, Tangerine and Daisies
Rory: Persimmon Iced Cookies and Strawberry Pop Tarts
Ezra: Rain drops, cucumber, earl grey tea and a slight musk
SPK: Wildberry Mousse, Frosted Cupcakes and Pink Sugar 
Zombie Brains: Key Lime, Pomegranate and Fluffy Cotton Candy
Rosalie: Twisted Peppermint and Coconut Cream Pie
90210: Peachy Coconut smoothie, Cotton Candy and Seaside
Thief: Fall leaves, Mac apple, Sandalwood and blue sugar


These are made in small batches to ensure quality and consistency. They are handmade with love. Sometimes the fragrance oil will react with our perfume base and can cause slightly white micro-particles. This is totally normal and will NOT affect the quality at all. We will not issue refunds for this occurrence. 

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