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Misc. Bam Chunks


-Typhoon 4oz $6.32

-Typhoon- Ocean rain, peppermint, sea salt, fresh air, sea grass, plum and pear. A blend of Storm and Jaws.

-Peace 2.8oz  $4.42

-Peace (Insidious)-Driftwood, spun sugar and vetiver

Earth wise- 5oz $7.90 

-Earth wise (Middle-earth): Dirt, Rosemary and mint leaf

Middle-Earth- 1.7oz $2.69 

-Earth wise (Middle-earth): Dirt, Rosemary and mint leaf

Whipped Cream- 1.6oz $2.53

Fresh Cut Grass- 3.2oz $5.06

I chews you- 2.9oz $4.58

I chews you- Bubblegum, cotton candy frosting and strawberry

Sara Jane- 2.8oz $4.42

-Sara Jane: Lavender, Mac apple and sugar milk