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**Mint Bam Chunks


This listing is for one partial bam bag. These chunk bags will vary in weight of scented home fragrance wax. They come in a variety of colors and chunk size for convenient blending or a grab and go size melt. 

When you are ready to use, just open your polypropylene bag and grab a cube to put in your wax warmer. You only need 1 cube for home aromatherapy that can last days!* When you have finished your last chunk, please remove the label and recycle bag for a cleaner earth. 

There may be multiple listings of the same scent, these will have different weight options.



-Abominable: Vanilla bean champagne, mistletoe and buttermint candies
-Alfie: Marshmallows, candy canes and Christmas cookies
-Angel Wings: Peppermint, buttercream, grapefruit, orange, pink sugar and vanilla ice cream
-Basic (Basic Bitch): Peppermint twist, pink sugar and vanilla bean
-Bishop: Peppermint twist, vanilla bean cookies and driftwood musk.
-Bundle Up (White Witch): Menthol, grapefruit, silver birch and rosemary
-Buttercream Mint Ice cream: Buttercream, fresh mint and sweet cream
-Candy Cane Dipped Grahams (Howard): Dark chocolate, graham crackers and peppermint
-Cat lady (Aunt Gayle): Rain, mistletoe, cranberry and catnip mint
-Chill (Cold Ones): Menthol
-Christmas Vacation: Christmas tree and spearmint
-Cold Snap (Wildlings): Peppermint twist and vetiver
-Dead of Winter (White walkers): Spearmint, peppermint, fresh mint and vanilla bean
-Earth wise (Middle-earth): Dirt, Rosemary and mint leaf
-Eucalyptus Vanilla Spearmint: Fresh eucalyptus, vanilla bean and spearmint
-Feed the birds: Fresh mint and blueberry muffins
-Frosty: Peppermint twist and condensed milk
-Hippie Meringue (Mrs. Robinson): Sandalwood, patchouli, soft florals, peppermint and vanilla meringue
-Hitched (Hitch): Peppermint, key lime and basil
-It wasnt just a dream: Lavender, pink sugar, vanilla cream and peppermint
-It’s Raining Ment: Rain and twisted peppermint
-Its always tea time: Earl grey tea, tea cakes, peppermint and whipped cream
-Jack Frost: Herbal lavender, fresh mint leaf and lemon custard
-Lemon Rosemary Mint (Buffy): Rosemary, fresh mint and lemonade
-Master: Eucalyptus, Mac apple and spearmint
-Mediterranean Frost (Dracula): Blood orange, spearmint and sweet amber
-Mint to be: Cucumber, fresh mint, cologne and menthol
-Miss Mint (Mr. Tumnus): Pink sugar, spearmint and vanilla bean
-Night King: Ozone, clean beach, citrus, moss, tonka, spearmint, peppermint, fresh mint and vanilla bean
-Originals: Spearmint and clementine
-Patio Refresher (2 Chips): Iced lemonade, lollipops and fresh mint
-Peppermint Butler: Peppermint, marshmallow, pink sugar and a hint of cocoa
-Pomelo Mojito (Hal): Mint, lime, sugar cane, sea grass and sparkling pomelo
-Practically Perfect: Chocolate orchid, spearmint and blackberry
-Pumpkin king: Herbal lavender, candy canes and cotton candy
-Red berries & Mint (Sindar Elf): Cranberry, raspberry, champagne and spearmint
-Rosalie: Peppermint and coconut cream pie
-Rosemary Beach (Darth): Red apple, ocean breeze, vanilla bean, rosemary and fresh mint
-Rosemary Chiffon (Bewitched): Rosemary, fresh mint, pear, jasmine, chiffon musk and vanilla orchid.
-Shaved Ice (Hagrid): Shaving cream, mixed berries, peppermint, vanilla and pomegranate
-Sheldon: Spearmint, Rosemary and fresh mint
-Snow Covered Shore (Amity Island): Sea salt, ozone, sea grass, plum, pear, rosemary and fresh mint
-Snow: Spearmint and Mac apple
-Spearmint Cupcakes (Poltergeist): Spearmint, vanilla cupcakes, buttercream and sugar cookies
-The Collector: Blue sugar, peppermint and vanilla bean
-Violet: Peppermint, cotton candy and blackberry
-White Christmas: Peppermint, cranberries, coconut, vanilla bean gelato, orange zest and cherry
-Winter Freeze (Mr. Freeze): Eucalyptus and peppermint
-Winter Rose (President Snow): Peppermint, vanilla cream and white rose

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