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**Coffee Bam Chunks


This listing is for one partial bam bag. These chunk bags will vary in weight of scented home fragrance wax. They come in a variety of colors and chunk size for convenient blending or a grab and go size melt. 

When you are ready to use, just open your polypropylene bag and grab a cube to put in your wax warmer. You only need 1 cube for home aromatherapy that can last days!* When you have finished your last chunk, please remove the label and recycle bag for a cleaner earth. 

There may be multiple listings of the same scent, these will have different weight options.



-Breakfast Brew (Gandalf): Sweetened cereal, marshmallows, sugar milk, coffee and vanilla cream
-Brewtiful (Predator)-Cappuccino & Coconut Cream Pie
-Caffein2 (Sleepless in Seattle)- Cafe latte, cola and marshmallow fluff
-Captain-general- Espresso, vanilla ice cream, sea salt, caramel and vanilla bourbon
-Christmas morning- Freshly brewed coffee, whipped cream and candy canes
-Cloves in my coffee (Xander)- Coffee, buttercream, crunch cake and clove
-Coffee & Cakes (Zombieland)- Twinkies and espresso
-Coffee Break (Office)-Vanilla Bean Noel, Sugar Cookies, & World's Best Boss Coffee
-Coffee Nut (Son of Hermes)-Espresso, pistachio and brown sugar
-Daily Grind (Daily planet)-Sbux coffee, french baguette and brown sugar
-Deja Brew (Sixth sense)- Coffee, sea salt, caramel, almond and butter cookies
-Did I Brew that? (Family matters)-Zucchini, Butterbrickle, Buttercream, Almond, Cookie Dough, Vanilla Cream and freshly brewed coffee
-Felicity: Coffee, cake batter and cornbread
-Grannys- Cappuccino, pie crust and sugar milk
-Grimes- Coffee, applesauce and donuts
-Holiday latte- Gingerbread cookies and freshly brewed coffee
-Impossible girl- Cappuccino, Birthday Cake, & Cotton Candy
-Lorelai-Coffee, midnight ice cream, cinnamon donuts
-Love you a Latte (The conjuring)-Cappuccino, cream cheese frosting, whipped cream and butterscotch
-Morning monster-Sbux coffee, butterbrickle and creamy cheesecake
-Mug Life (Greys anatomy)-Sbux coffee, vanilla ice cream and creamy pecan pie
-Side of Anxiety (Zeus)-Coffee Ice Cream, Buttercream, Blueberry and Cornbread
-The force-Caramel macchiato, orange juice cake and marshmallow
-The Perfect Blend (Mash)- candy corn and coffee
-Vermont’s Best (House of stark)-Fresh brewed coffee and maple sugar
-Wake Up (Frankenstein)-Coffee, pumpkin pie, vanilla wafers

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