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Carpet Deodorizer


Carpet Deodorizer & Freshner $10.00 Each

Directions For Use: Shake the deodorizer lightly onto your carpet, furniture, etc. Let it sit for a minimum of 5-10 minutes; then vacuum up, and enjoy! 

*Please do NOT ingest. Rinse immediately if you come in contact with eyes. Do not walk on with bare feet. Keep children away! 


🖤Rose: Sweet Loops, Elderberry & Blue Cotton Candybuster

🖤Voldemort: The omen blended with cactus & sea salt

🖤Moody: Black cedarwood, Rain and juniper berries

🖤Orange You Feisty: Blending our tri-citrus scent of Orange, Lime and Lemon with a buttery, sweet Birthday Cake. You will definitely feel feisty with this scent going!

🖤Penny: Watermelon Lemonade

🖤POSTS EVERYONE!: Gilded amber rain, and seaside

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