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**#5 Bam Chunks


Remember that these bags do not reflect Super Tarts gold standard I work so hard to maintain. Thank you. 

This listing is for one partial bam bag. These chunk bags will vary in weight of scented home fragrance wax. They come in a variety of colors and chunk size for convenient blending or a grab and go size melt. 

When you are ready to use, just open your polypropylene bag and grab a cube to put in your wax warmer. You only need 1 cube for home aromatherapy that can last days!* When you have finished your last chunk, please remove the label and recycle bag for a cleaner earth. 

There may be multiple listings of the same scent, these will have different weight options. Thank you. 


-Angel Wings: Peppermint, buttercream, grapefruit, orange, pink sugar and vanilla ice cream

-Jelly Rolls (Starfleet)- Zucchini bread, jelly donuts and sugar cookie

-Sophia: Pear gelato and blackberry jam

-Mistletoe kisses- Mistletoe, clean cotton and white tea

-Pucker Up (Slimer)- Green apple candy and sweet & tart candy

-You're a mean one: Toffee apple crunch, cinnamon donuts, toasted hazelnuts and buttercream

-Elf- Candy cane, candy corn, sweet bubble and syrup

-I Scream! (Henry): Wildberry, vanilla ice cream and spun sugar

-Family: Cinnamon glaze and vanilla bean

-Amour (Pretty woman): Passionfruit, green apple and lollipop

-Ya Old Tart (Scream): Sweet & Tart candy, raspberry, coconut, buttercream cake, strawberry

-I believe: Fresh fallen leaves, toasted marshmallow and pumpkin pie

-Cola Milkshake (Grover)-Cola, ice cream, whipped cream and spun sugar

-Gooey Grahams (Its a bird its a plane): Graham crackers and toasted marshmallow

-Mini Bows: Strawberry, lollipops and lemonade

-Alfie: Marshmallows, candy canes and Christmas cookies


$1.72/oz Regular Price

$1.60/oz Sale Price

🪻Scent descriptions are not going to be listed.  These bags are discounted because they will probably have hand written labels, may be discolored from light exposure, and have varying weights. Even ugly ones need love. The performance is not affected by any of these issues. 

🌺Alphabetical Scent List:
❤️ If you open this scent list in a separate window you can search for the scent you are needing to find info on.
📱 On phone: Open link. Hold finger down on any word and push “find selection”. A Find bar will pop up.
💻 On computer: Open link or search “scent list” in website. Press Command + F and a search bar should pop up at the top of your screen.

*Some of the scents have random letters following their names. Please disregard those, they are for shipping support.

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