Wolverines Woman: In this blend you get the sweetness from our house berry blend, the warmth from our sour cream spice cake and a hint of femininity from our rosé cream
Sweet Sabertooth: This scent is bringing all of your favorite sweet scents together! We blended cotton candy, sweet Lolli, rock candy and pink sugar to satisfy any sweet tooth! Even the gruff angry Sabertooth of X-Men
Storm: This is a great fresh, crisp, ozonic scent. Combining our ocean rain and peppermint blend
Beast: One of our most popular scents. Combining our Beast Blueberry and cornbread. Yum!
Genosha: This sweet tropical scent makes any low spirited mutant, high! A Sweet mix of pineapple, creamsicle and rock candy is definitely the trick
Phoenix: Jean Grey was just another girl next door... But she had a secret, she was a Omega-level Mutant! She was someone that would bring a pie when invited over for dinner. This blend reminds us of a pineapple cream pie, topped with sweet whipped cream and toasted marshmallows. A treat I'm sure Wolverine and Cyclops would fight over!
 Emma Frost: Sparkling ginger, VBN and sugar crystals
 Magneto: Lavender, Strawberry jam, Vanilla Buttercream
 Sentinel: Herbal Lavender, Blackberry Preserves, Marshmallow
Gambit: Raspberry & SoWhite dupe (orange, apple, rose and neroli)
Rogue: Pink Sugar and Coconut Cream Pie
Mystique: Pink Sugar and shaving cream