Wardrobe Wax

Wardrobe Wax<<

?Aslan: Orange Bergamot, Fern, driftwood and biolage

?Susan: Chocolate Orchid, Fireside, cotton candy frosting and mallow fluff 

?Lucy: Mac apple and Magically Delicious 

?Peter: Fresh cut grass, watermelon, rock candy, mac apple, shaving cream and sea salt. A blend of Sams Shire and Briarcliff 

?Edmund: Grape airheads and serendipity mallow fluff

?Turkish Delight: Orange glazed pistachios and sweetened condensed milk 

?Mr. Tumnus: Pink sugar, spearmint and vanilla bean Noel 

?White Witch: Menthol, grapefruit, silver birch and rosemary

?Prince Caspian: Sandalwood, fresh picked strawberries and peonies 

?Trumpkin: Bubbly vanilla champagne, raspberry, cranberry, mango, sparkling gingerale and Vanilla Bean Noel. A blend of Mango Pink champagne and Emma Frost 

?Mr. Fox: Blood Orange, Fizzy cherry pop, plums and lemon sugar 

?The Wardrobe: Lavender, Laundry, Rain drops, Kumquats and Orange zest.