Super Universe

♥ Flash: Fresh Picked Strawberries, Sweet Lemonade and a Creamy Cake
♥ Marksman: Shaving Cream, Sweet Peach Slices, and Juicy Watermelon
♥ Amazon Princess: Island Nectar, Cotton Candy, Ocean Air and Raspberry Cake
♥ Fantastic: Warm pretzels, white chocolate drizzle, vanilla marshmallows and sweet pumpkin mousse
♥ Wasp: Pink Sugar and Golden Sands (Yankee Dupe)
♥ Daredevil: Fresh picked Strawberries, Georgia Peach and sweet mango
♥ Torch: Tonka, Beachwood Vetiver, Pink Berries and Caramelized Figs
♥ Son of Odin: Pomegranate, Sugar Cookie and fresh picked strawberries
♥ The Thing!: Cornbread, Fresh picked peaches and Cream
♥ Black widow: Sweet Blackberry and pink peonies
♥ Modok: Creamy peach and Blackberry sorbet stacked on top of a Vanilla sugar waffle cone
♥ Loki's Tricks: Lemon Ice Box Pie, Trix and Frosted Rose Jam
♥ Stark: This scent is combining Tony Stark's favorite things. Vanilla Champagne with sweet berries floating at the rim, being sipped by a smokin' hot babe wearing cotton candy lip gloss
♥ Punisher: The Omen blended with tobacco leaf. (Don’t give me that look. lmbo Trust me! Its soooo good!)
♥ Pepper Potts: Pink Sugar, Apricots and Honey
♥ Banner: A warm buttery cornbread topped with creamy mac apple ice cream and brown sugar...SMASH THIS!
♥ Red Skull: Sweet fresh picked strawberries, creamy zucchini bread, frosted with vanilla buttercream
♥ Dr. Doom: Combining patchouli, Madagascar black pepper and a SUPER creamy vanilla bean. This scent will make you feel like the "lord of misrule" anywhere!
♥ Deadpool: Fresh picked Strawberries and Satsuma
♥ Buster: Black Cherry Float, Zucchini bread and frosted cupcakes
♥ Captain's Morning: Buttermilk Pancakes and Orange Juice
♥ Elektra - Fresh picked strawberries and cotton candy frosting
♥ Galactus -Lavender, raspberry sorbet and lovespell
♥ Invisible - Cactus & sea salt, pear slices and crisp white tea
♥ Silver Surfer - The omen blended with Jaws. Two of our life changing spa scents blended together! (Ocean breezes, vanilla bean noel, red delicious apple. Sea salt, fresh air, sea gras, sliced plum and sweet pear.)
♥ Red Hulk - Strawberry jam, buttered cornbread and toasted marshmallow
♥ Winter Soldier - Eucalyptus and mac apple
♥ Jessica Jones- BlackBerry Rain
♥ Arrow- Black pepper, mossy birch, peppermint sticks and rain