Sniffing Games

Katniss: Eucalyptus & Lemon Curd
Peeta: French Baguette, Butterbrickle and Coconut Shavings
Prim: Lavender, Violet and Cucumber Mint
President Snow: Peppermint Cream, White Rose and Vanilla Ice Cream
Gale: Campfire, A&F FIERCE cologne type with a sweet undertone
Finnick: Sugar cubes and ocean waves
Cinna: Aveda Shampure, fruit loops and fresh picked strawberries
Haymitch: Frangelico, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Ice cream Scoop Bread
Rue: Bedtime Bath, Baby Powder and Magnolia blossoms
Effie: Grape Cotton Candy and Sparkling Ginger ale
Coin: Hibiscus Flower, Blueberry Cotton Candy, cucumber and a hint of Acai Berry