Oz Melts

Aunty Em: Crunch berries and sugar milk

Cowardly: Biolage, cotton candy, vanilla bean, sparkling champagne & mixed melons

Flying Monkey: Shampure Aveda, rain drops, cotton candy frosting

Good Witch: Magically Delicious and white clouds

It wasn't just a dream: Pink Sugar, lavender cream and peppermint (go to sleep blend)

Lollipop Guild: Sweet lollipops and fresh cut grass

My Pretty: Rose jam glazed strawberries, mac apple whipped cream and fluffy cake bites

There's No Place Like Home: Blackberry jam, vanilla buttercream, twinkies and butter cookies

Oz: Ginger ale, Key Lime Custard and birthday cake bites

Ruby Slippers: Strawberries & Cream, sugar milk and pound cake

Scarecrow: Patchouli, sugar dusted wildberry mousse and sweet rain

Tin Man: Pink sugar, lavender cream and stainless steel (go to sleep blend)

Toto: Shaving cream, The Omen and Fierce

Wicked Witch: Cool Water and Green Tea

Wizard: Toasted Mallow, Fireside and Cinnamon Sticks

Yellow Brick Road: French Baguette, Whipped Cream and Lemon Eclair