ONCE Upon A Melt

Once Upon A Time: Serendipity, Ice Cream Scoop Bread and Marshmallow
Swan: Blonde Moment, Lemon and Pink Chiffon
Hook: Sea Salt, Leather and Sexy Man....Rawr
Snow: Spearmint and MacApple
Charming: Pink Grapefruit Sugar Cookies
Queen Regina: Lady Catrina and You Snap the Whip (Lush dupes)
Henry: Sweet Wildberry Smoothie and Cotton Candy
Mr. Gold: Suntan Lotion and Golden Sands (Yankee dupe)
Belle: Beauty and the Beast (Magically Delicious/Blackberry) combined with Tea & Cakes
Storybrooke: Cucumber, Cactus & Sea Salt and Fresh Cut Grass
Brave: Sugar dusted Ginger Root, Sweet Cakes and a slight note of earl grey tea
Dark Swan: Dark Chocolate Cocoa, Whipped Cream dusted with Cinnamon
Mulan: Cherry Blossoms, Orange Mandarin cream and Fresh Eucalyptus sprigs
Neal: Fireside, Green Ivy, Fresh Mint Leaf and Neverland driftwood
Pan: Ocean Water, SuperNova (Lush type- sweet citrus) and Strawberry slices
Ruby: Biolage, Blackberry Jam and Cotton Candy Frosting
Sleepy Beauty: Lavender Cream, Rose Jam and Birthday Cake
Thief: Fall leaves, Mac apple, Sandalwood and blue sugar
Zelena: Green Apple, CocoNUTS and Baby Magic type
De Vil: 25:43(lime, tonka bean, lemongrass, vanilla, ylang ylang) & Biolage(Super fruity shampoo scent)
Fairy Dust: Balsam, Raspberry and Cake Batter
Granny's: Cappuccino, Pie Crust and Sugar Milk
Hades: Fireside & Blue Sugar...obviously lol
Maleficent: Dragons Blood(Citrus Earthy), Rosewood, Dark Amber, Clove and Rose Jam
Merlin: Silver Birch, Cashmere & Vetiver
Mermaid: Orchid, Ocean Rain & Watercress
Sea Witch: Seaside, Mandarin, Northern Lights(lush dupe) and Mimosa.