Fifty Scents of Grey

Grey: Acqua Di Gio, New Car scent, and honeysuckle
Anastasia: Twinings English Breakfast tea weak and black, Plum and powder sugar
Charlie Tango: Raindrops, sea salt, watermelon and sandalwood
Kate & Elliott: Passionfruit, Mac Apple, cotton candy and French vanilla
Red Room: Blue Sugar, Love Spell and Leather Whips
Mrs. Robinson: Peppermint meringue and Super Tramp (Lush dupe)
Mia: French baguette, sugar cookie brûlée, blueberry torte and almond marzipan
Jose: Being reformulated..
Tie Me Up: Vanilla Bean Champagne and Strawberries
Laters Babe: Black linen and amber, kumquats, jasmine and lily