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Mary Melts Clamshells


💥 Mary Melts Scent Descriptions:
☂️Poppins: white clouds, summer orange and pink chiffon
☂️A bit of magic: Fireside, blackberry and Vanilla bean Noel
☂️17 cherry tree lane: Ice cream scoop bread, Black cherry and French Vanilla
☂️Spoonful of sugar: pink sugar, blue sugar, lemon sugar
☂️Supercalifragilistic: coconut concession cream cotton candy frosting
☂️POSTS EVERYONE!: Gilded amber rain, and seaside
☂️Spit spot: Bubblegum, clean cotton and raspberry
☂️I love to laugh: lemon curd tea and cakes
☂️Feed the birds: Fresh mint blueberry muffins
☂️Stay awake: lavender, vanilla bean Noel and Marshmallow fluff
☂️Let’s go fly a kite: Coppertone strawberry cotton candy
☂️Don’t stay away too long: Zucchini Mallow fluff
☂️Practically Perfect: Chocolate orchid, spearmint and BlackBerry
☂️Winds in the east: Fresh strawberry and rain
☂️Soldiers in Petticoats: Peach slices and fresh eucalyptus
☂️It’s a jolly holiday: blackberry funnelcake

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