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**Floral Bam Chunks


This listing is for one partial bam bag. These chunk bags will vary in weight of scented home fragrance wax. They come in a variety of colors and chunk size for convenient blending or a grab and go size melt. 

When you are ready to use, just open your polypropylene bag and grab a cube to put in your wax warmer. You only need 1 cube for home aromatherapy that can last days!* When you have finished your last chunk, please remove the label and recycle bag for a cleaner earth. 

There may be multiple listings of the same scent, these will have different weight options.




-A Baker’s Dream (Data): Lavender, pear, vanilla cream and sugar cookies
-Amityville: Lavender, Strawberry, Mac Apple
-Aria: Lotus blossom, pink chiffon, sea salt and blackberry
-Baked Roses (Wolverine's woman): Sweet berries, sour cream spice cake, rose cream
-Blossom: Lavender, chamomile, spun sugar and rock candy
-Brienne: Blue agave, salt water, citrus zest and magnolia
-Carlisle: Chamomile, Huckleberry
-Coraline: Lavender, Maple Candy
-Deb’s Roses (Loki's tricks): Lemon ice box pie, fruity cereal, buttercream, rose jelly
-Edwards promise: Gardenia, Pink sugar, vanilla bean, pear, jasmine, chiffon musk and vanilla orchid
-Fluffy violet candy: Violet, spun sugar and rock candy
-Frosted tangerine roses: Rose, sweet cream, tangerine and buttercream
-Glen & maggie: Peach, cherry blossom, white jasmine(love spell), basil and baby powder
-Go to sleep: Lavender, Sweet Cream and Pink Sugar
-Gooey gardenia explosion: Marshmallow, Gardenia, Strawberry and Citron
-Green Coconuts (Zelena): Green apple, coconut, baby bath
-Handmaid: Baby wash, orange slices and lavender milk
-Immortal child: Pink sugar, lavender, vanilla cream, strawberry, pound cake
-Jasmine: Jasmine, violets, sweet musk, lavender
-Jess: Rose jelly, peppermint, leather and old books
-Jolly Roger-
-Land of Nod (Spock): Lavender, blueberry and vanilla cheesecake
-Laveau: Lavender, vanilla cream, raw sugar crystals and buttercream
-Lavender Love (Galactus): Lavender, raspberry, peach, cherry blossom, white jasmine
-Lavender orange dream: Lavender and creamsicle
-Love: Sweet pumpkin, pecan waffles, lavender cream and vanilla bean cookies
-Lucille: Chocolate orchid and blue sugar
-Luna: Lemon curd, French vanilla and midnight lavender
-Ma: Chamomile, honeydew melon and strawberry
-Midnight (Thanos): Midnight lavender and whipped cream
-Mmmm tomato soup: Violet, blueberry, bubblegum, whipped cream
-My lady: Jasmine, citrus, musk, blackberry and honey
-My pretty: Rose jelly, strawberry, mac apple, whipped cream, pound cake
-Orange Rose Milk (Queenie): Blood orange, rose milk, pink peonies, lemon cream and poundcake
-Orchid Orange Marmalade (Augustus): Chocolate orchid, buttercream, sugar cookies and orange marmalade
-Peony Buttercream (Hart of dixie): Peonies, vanilla bean, buttercream and pink sugar
-Petals (Corpse bride): Rose milk and cashmere
-Prim: Lavender, violet, cucumber and fresh mint
-Prince (Fresh prince): Orange, coconut and gardenia
-Redemption (Black widow): Blackberry, Peony
-Revenge: Strawberry, rose, lemon zest and vanilla bean
-Rose & Watermelon (Father Gabriel): Rose water and watermelon
-Rose Tea (Umbridge): Rose, Earl grey tea, lemon and cotton candy
-Rue: Baby bath, baby powder and magnolia
-Scandal: No. 5, rose petals, vanilla bean
-Sea Dreams (Ronan): Lavender, ocean breezes, vanilla bean and red apple
-Sleep like a baby (Rosemary's baby): Bedtime Bath, Rosemary, Fresh Mint and Herbal Lavender
-Sleep Tight (Magneto): Lavender, strawberry and vanilla buttercream
-Sleepy beauty: Lavender, rose, vanilla cream and birthday cake
-Snooze (Sentinel): Herbal lavender, blackberry and marshmallow
-Stay awake: Lavender, vanilla bean, marshmallow
-Sunday Naps (Pretty in pink): Pink berry, tonka, lavender and Krispy treats
-Sweet Sleep (Donatello): Lavender, sweet cream and honeydew
-Sweetbae (Vers): Magnolia, green apple, lily of the valley, apricot and grapefruit
-White Pumpkin & Fern (Rocky horror): White Pumpkin, Sea Salt, Teakwood, Fern, Lilac and agave.

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