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**Apple Bam Chunks


This listing is for one partial bam bag. These chunk bags will vary in weight of scented home fragrance wax. They come in a variety of colors and chunk size for convenient blending or a grab and go size melt. 

When you are ready to use, just open your polypropylene bag and grab a cube to put in your wax warmer. You only need 1 cube for home aromatherapy that can last days!* When you have finished your last chunk, please remove the label and recycle bag for a cleaner earth. 

There may be multiple listings of the same scent, these will have different weight options.



-Alien: Apple cider, vanilla bean and donuts
-All American: Spiced apples, pie crust and vanilla ice cream
-Apple Bake (Texas Chainsaw): Caramel apple, hot maple toddy and French baguette
-Apple Neroli (Gambit): Raspberry, orange, apple, rose and neroli blossom
-Apple Tea (Kronos): Earl grey tea, apple, cream cake and rock candy
-Apple Whip (Zod): Watermelon, Mac apple and Whipped cream
-Banner: Cornbread, mac apple, vanilla ice cream and brown sugar
-Bella (Bella's Blood): Mac apple, pomegranate and lollipops
-Birds: Harvest ale, pumpkin donuts, brown sugar and buttercream
-Bodyguard: Mac Apple, rose and vanilla cream
-Buzz off: Honey, green apple, maple, marshmallows, waffle cone and vanilla bean
-Chomper: Sea Salt, ozone, sea grass, plum, pear and Mac apple
-Creeper Status: Green apple, yellow cake, strawberry and vanilla ice cream
-Good Core (Gamora): Mac apple, buttercream, almond, cookie dough, vanilla cream and pink sugar
-Lucy: Sweetened cereal, marshmallows, sugary milk and Mac apple
-Mac Daddy: Mac apple, cantaloupe, strawberry and kiwi
-Mallow-dramatic: Mac apple, spun sugar and mallow fluff
-Sandman: Red apple, ocean breeze, vanilla bean and sandalwood
-Sara Jane: Lavender, Mac apple and sugar milk
-Smells Like Fall (Cabin in the woods): Apple, fall leaves, pumpkin and lemon
-Sookie: Gingerbread, yellow cake, applesauce and buttercream
-Thief: Fall leaves, Mac apple, sandalwood and blue sugar
-You stole my cab: Spiced eggnog and apple cider

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